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Teachers open the door, but you must enter ...

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Yoga Alliance Professionals: Trainer Pro Certification

Yoga Alliance Professionals; Coach Certification

Yoga Alliance Professionals: Senior Level Teacher Training Certification

500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher/Coach; Coaching Yoga, Coaching Life Certification

Certified Mind/Body Specialist

Certified Holistic & Wellness Life Coach

Active Spiritual Warrior / Minister

‘Whether just beginning or far into your yoga practice I aspire to awaken your passion and love of this magical life as a yogi; I teach a constructed yoga practice from a spiritual platform which includes the physical and psychological; for those new to yoga learning the principles of a constructed practice will keep you within your practice, and for those whose current practice is of a deconstructed form a return to, or newly learning those traditional principles can freshen your practice with new life’ ~ Tracy Parritt-Noyes


With 25+ plus years of yoga practice and study, and with many amazing teachers and students embedded into my 30 plus years of group fitness affiliations I find that yoga is the pathway to bringing health and wellness well into our wisdom years. Forever a student, Namaste



Certified Pilates Teacher

200 HR RYT Registered Yoga Teacher; Yoga Alliance/Yogafit 

‘Nationally certified group fitness instructor for more than 20 years, and enjoying sharing my passion for Pilates for more than 10 years.’ ~ Theresa Labrecque

With B.A. degrees in Psychology and Sociology I began in the fitness industry in order to bring physical health and stress reduction to all populations.  I have organized and taught programs for all age groups from preschoolers to seniors, and am certified in kickboxing, group fitness, spinning, Yogafit and Pilates. 

Loving it all, I invite you to join me! 


Certified Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader

‘With 16 plus years of experience and practice of Qigong and Tai Chi, a BS Degree in Area Science/Secondary Education I enjoy teaching this breath enhancing moving meditation to give awareness and vitality in the body, mind and spirit’ ~ Carol Paradis

Study with Ian Gamble, Jason Ames, Susan Cromwell and William C.C.Chen led to my Tai Chi Easy certification with Dr. Roger Jahnke, the founder of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. 

‘Let the beauty we love be what we do’ ~ RUMI


200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher/Coach; Coaching Yoga, Coaching Life Certification 

‘Elegance, refined gracefulness on the mat, and off the mat as a foundation grows a unique life thereafter’ ~ Nicole Richard 

Having overcome my own challenges I strive to share with you a sense of gracefulness through Self acceptance, being authentic and realizing your own voice. Namaste.



Student of Evolutionary Astrology

200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher/Coach; Coaching Yoga, Coaching Life Certification 

‘Little did I know that at a young age there would be a literal tune-in to my personal belief of a higher power. In my mind the Sun, Moon and Stars had to be far more powerful than anything in the world. Thus began the wonderment of my personal soul’s journey. It would be a journey that would help me to help myself, and others at the same time’ ~ Angelina Gronlund

I look forward to working with those just beginning their journey providing information about the study and practice of yoga, our Studio’s philosophy and of course astrology sight!


500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher ; Yoga Alliance Certification


'Coming late to yoga after a bout with Lyme disease I dove in deep, and am proud to still be a student as well as a teacher of this practice that reaches so far beyond the physical poses we often think of when the word 'yoga' is mentioned' ~ Brenda Stephens


200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher; Yoga Alliance

200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher/Coach; Coaching Yoga, Coaching Life Certification

Mindful yoga is all about taking pauses to build and create roots.  It allows the breath to quiet the mind while you find space, balance and strength.


'Treat yoga as a gift, not a chore and you’ll change your life' ~ Anecia Trickey


Certified Yoga Instructor

RYT500, ERYT 200

IAYT [In-Training]

A self-described student forever, Amber's vinyasa classes are curated to ground and nourish, add balance, warmth, and energy.

With degrees and vocation in both Biology and Psychology, coupled with over 15 years of teaching and a deep respect and dedication to

yoga as a wellness modality,  she brings a range of experience that meets everyone right where they are at. 

Participants will explore moving through all planes of motion, fostering stability and strength throughout, and witness how this 

integration can enhance body, breath, sentiment, and spirit. All are welcome, just bring an open heart. 

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